Usable in e-commerce, backed by gold

ASCO token is a cryptocurrency which will be usable in e-commerce and is backed by gold (1 ASCO = 1g gold).

When user buys ASCO tokens (at our exchange location or online) we immediately order an equal amount of gold, which is stored at our safehouse or at the gold storage vault.



Buy ASCO tokens without need for the verification of your ID and documents (KYC).


ASCO tokens can be bought via user dashboard (EUR, BTC, ETH), by wire or crypto transfer. In the near future ASCO token will be also available at our physical exchange locations (more details coming soon).

Comprehensive (e-commerce)

You will be able to choose from the variety of services to buy with ASCO tokens, from the gold to construction material and wholesale of drinks, food, etc.


If you buy gold or other services that we offer with ASCO token you will get special discount.


Exchange Offices

At our physical exchange offices you can exchange Gold or Cash (EUR, USD, JPY, GBP, AUD, etc.) for ASCO token and of course vice versa.

ASCO E-Commerce

Create an account on ASCO E-Commerce platform and exchange BTC or ETH for ASCO tokens. The cheapest shopping is just a few clicks away!

Exchange / Wire transfer

You can exchange ASCO tokens with other users or buy it via Bank Deposit (using ASCO Platform).


Join ASCO Gold Club and purchase gold at special prices with the possibility of delivery to your home!


1000 ASCO
  • Good Delivery Standard
    Personal takeover at the exchange office location or delivery at home (worldwide shipping)


ASCO is introducing a way of purchasing goods in the future

Small buyers, who previously couldn’t reach prices which big corporations with mass orders did will now be able to get same or even better prices for particular items with our system called PPSB – Purchase Power of Small Buyer(s).

How does the PPSB system works?

PPSB is a system which will enable ASCO E-commerce users to perform joint buy of desired items, which will enable the purchase in large quantities and at the lowest possible price.
In more detail, Merchant will open a pool via ASCO platform for an item and set necessary order quantity to provide a favorable price. Each user will have an option to participate in that pool by bidding ASCO tokens and when necessary quantity is reached pool will close and delivery takes place.

Current Shopping Process Example

Let’s say that John wants to buy 50m2 of fine high end Italian bathroom ceramic. The price is 120,00€ per m2. If you buy more than 100m2 price is 100,00€ per m2 and if you buy more than 500m2 the price is 80,00€ per m2.
Currently only big/medium companies can buy (and actually need) quantites over 500 m2 and therefore secure best available price at 80,00€ per m2, while John will have to settle for the price of 120,00€ per m2.

Now, let’s look at an example of our new PBSS shopping process.

John makes an account, buys ASCO tokens and finds the product online between merchants who work with ASCO. Because John doesn’t want to pay the full price he doesn’t buy the product right away but he places a bid in the pool among other ASCO users. When order is fulfilled pool closes and order is on its way to John and other buyers. So this way John achieved best possible price by using ASCO and our new PPSB (Purchase Power of Small Buyer) even though he is only ordering 50m2.


ASCO E-Commerce platform will go live soon - join now and be among the first who will shape a new way of purchasing goods in the future!


New Merchants, Services and Items

Soon ASCO E-commerce platform will be available for Merchants to list their services and products.

Firstly, the supply of construction material, mobile phones and furniture will be available to purchase via platform but soon we will list other items and products.

Stay tuned!

Referall System

Each person joining ASCO platform will get his unique refferal URL via which he will be be able to invite new users to join our platform. This way he will special discount loyality points for all the future purchases and sell of the tokens.

ASCO Loans

Direct loan ASCO memeber to another ASCO club member directly without any intermediate entity (based calculated on history, loyality points etc. of particular member) via smart contracts.